Monday, October 11, 2010

Tonight: Context Clues at Beauty Bar

A fun but daunting aspect of the local music scene is the sheer ginormity of it. You couldn't possibly see every band in town because there are too damn many, some of which come and go without notice. It's hard to get your name out there, but the first thing any band should do is network. Find out what bands have similar sounds or philosophies. Attend their shows and invite them to attend yours.

For the fans, the same concept applies. If you want to discover new bands, ask your current favorites who they like and what good bands they've played with lately. Or ask them if they have side projects. That's how I discovered Context Clues. Jeff Merrill played guitar for a piano-pop band I liked called SNAFU Kitties. I found out that Merrill had his own pop-rock quartet, which he fronted, called Context Clues. So I checked 'em out on a random night at Hole in the Wall and really dug what I heard. I bought the CD and liked it enough to review it, back when I still had time to review albums on this blog. Those were the days.

Context Clues went on hiatus shortly after (like I said, local bands come and go). But they're back and ready to start playing shows. Tonight is their first in more than a year. Context Clues plays at Beauty Bar with the avant-garde classical ensemble Waterloo Sound Conspiracy and mellow folk duo Hill and Range. Spinning between sets will be DJ Orion.

Check out a free mp3 from the band called "Nietzsche's Dead." Download it here.