Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday show pick: The Young Maths at Mohawk

Tonight at Mohawk, you have a chance to catch a hot up-and-coming band from the Rio Grande Valley. The Young Maths are a dance-rock quartet that mixes punk, funk and party vibes, like they're The Faint's younger snot-nosed little cousins. Think McAllen's Zlam Dunk. Think Funeral Party, with a little less funeral and a lot more party. And with song titles like "Meet Me at the Gay Bar" and "Fingered on the Dance Floor," it appears they have a sense of humor to match their catchy-as-hell tunes.


JMaboard said...

These guys put on a hell of show....GO!!!!

Austin's Music Diva said...

Yeah.. I saw them awhile back, and they rock the house.. :)