Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Video: Markov at Beauty Bar

What I like most about Markov is their complete comfort and confidence on a stage. A lot of bands look tentative when they play; you know, each member picks a spot on the stage and doesn't deviate, as if trapped within an invisible forcefield. Markov's lead screamer, on the other hand, wanders about as if he's pacing in his living room recalling a story aloud to himself. He'll then walk into the crowd and continue with his shout-rap style, ignoring the bodies around him. When he's bored with that, he'll find amps to climb and nooks and crannies on the stage to examine, all the while shouting some dark, provocative lyrics. And it doesn't look forced. The dude just looks like he has ADD and makes it work. I'm not saying every band should do this, or take it this far, but every band should at least feel comfortable enough on a stage to move a little. Tap your toe, nod your head, sway. Anything. Just show me you've got a pulse. Markov has tons of life, and it shows. Recommended for fans of Refused and Future of the Left.

Recorded at Beauty Bar on July 2, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Pure Grease party was a blast. markov killed there.

Sir Indie said...

Love your description of Markov's performance!

"Markov's lead screamer..". Awesome.

"When he's bored with that, he'll find amps to climb.." Genius.

The picture you paint with words made me watch the video!

Quite accurate...wish I would have been there to witness it..


Ajay M. said...

Thanks for the kind words, Sir Indie.