Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friday's local show picks: "Massive Release" at Encore

This is one of the best all-local lineups you'll see this year. There isn't a throwaway choice on this bill.

I'd get there at doors so as not to miss The Eastern Sea or STEREO IS A LIE. Either you're into soft-sounding, literate folksy indie rock and The Eastern Sea is right in your wheelhouse, or your into more brooding, darkly stylized rock that rails against corruption and ignorance, in which case STEREO is your cup of tea.

The co-headliners are new-wave revivalists and 101x darlings The Black & White Years, The Rocketboys (who are releasing a vinyl that night) and Quiet Company (who are releasing an EP).

The Rocket Boys' sincere, feel-good pop-rock and relentless touring schedule has earned the band a session with Daytrotter and praise from Paste Magazine to nearly every major newspaper in the South.

On that same feel-good tip, Quiet Company plays earnest piano ballads about what it means to be a male living and loving in the 21st century. It's poignant stuff, and catchy too.