Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photos: Zlam Dunk at Emo's [April 11]

Zlam Dunk! It's impossible to hate these guys, even if you're tempted to after seeing the toddler-sized basketball hoop on stage and hearing horsely shouted lyrics about the bubonic plague and Patrick Swayze. But once you get passed the hazy fog of dance-punk posturing, you realize these dudes are pretty talented musicians and songwriters. They're extremely performance-minded, but they don't lose sight of the music, even when it would be extremely tempting to exchange the intricate finger-tapping for windmilling powerchords. Zlam Dunk is always a fun time live, but not superficial or dismissible like other "party bands."

You can view more photos from this set on my Facebook page.

All photos by Ajay Miranda.

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