Friday, March 12, 2010

Video: Planet Rye Co. at US Art Authority

I have to apologize to Planet Rye Co. This indie/psych band played a lackluster show at Beauty Bar two months ago, and I called them out on it. But last weekend at OXJAM 2010, they totally redeemed themselves, and then some, by puting on one of the more memorable performances of the 14-band bill. Everyone has a bad night, but this time the once "lifeless" tambourine player was all energy. The band played a tight and energetic set with horror-themed samples in between songs to keep the flow and feel of the show going. Their attention to presenting an overall show, as opposed to just playing some songs, was evident. The set seemed thought-out, planned. And it was well executed. Their vintage horror motifs (perfect for a retro-ish psych band, by the way) will help this band stand out within the saturated psychedelic scene.

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