Sunday, March 7, 2010

Video: Pink Nasty at Hole in the Wall

Let's clarify something: Austin is cooler than your city. Not because we dress in overpriced vintage clothes or because we're early adopters of flavor-of-the-month indie bands from LA or New York, or anything else as superficial as that. No, the reason Austin is cooler than your city, and the reason no one laughs at the "live music capital" slogan, is because of sights like last Monday at the Hole in the Wall. It's a Monday night and every seat in the moderately sized bar has an ass in it. In fact, people are having to stand in the aisle. Meanwhile, Denis—arguably Travis County's most cordial bartender—is serving up the $1.50 High Lifes with a smile and conversation. The jukebox is running through a music-lover's melody of The Clash, Johnny Cash, Radiohead and Beastie Boys. And the bands that the people are here to see are really good (not to mention, the show was FREE). Pink Nasty's upbeat and twangy brand of indie-pop didn't disappoint, though I'm disappointed in myself for not getting the opening band, The Bottle Service, on video. They were really good. Oh, well.

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