Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video: Hydra Melody at Mi Casa [Feb. 20]

Austin Vida hosted an indie showcase Saturday night at Mi Casa Cantina, a new music venue on Sixth Street. Despite the location (sandwiched between one shot bar and one meathead bar with questionable music taste at best), this was actually a really good show.

Hydra Melody is one of those bands I can see having crossover appeal for fans of heart-on-your-sleeve indie rock and melodic Alternative Press-style punk. Fans of Cursive and The Dear Hunter (bands with quite different fan bases) can agree on Hydra Melody. Their dual-vocal approach is seamless, and both singers have strong voices with ranges made for that emo-ish alternative sound. They were having lots of feedback troubles from the sound system on this night, which is too bad. Their performance was great, nonetheless. These dudes are from San Antonio; I hope they enjoyed Austin enough to book more shows up here. I'd see 'em again.

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