Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Video: Frederico7 & The Hashashins at Momo's [Feb. 16]

Wanting to avoid the Mardi Gras party-drinkers downtown, I headed slightly west to Momo's for the weekly KUT/Bemba Entertainment residency known as World Music Night. If you're at all inclined toward music that grooves, you should check out this Tuesday night staple.

Frederico7 & The Hashashins is one of those bands you have to go see at least once so you know this type of band exists. Imagine if James Brown were Brazilian and into New Age-ish world culture. That's how I'd describe frontman Frederico7; he's a showman with fantastic (if sometimes out-there) stage presence and a propensity for scatting in Portuguese. Musically, this band has it together. During soundcheck, the drummer went off on this crazy drum solo that borrowed from metal and jazz. That worried me, as I had no idea who this band was or what they were about to sound like. During the actual set, the drummer's funky beats were tasteful and only became bombastic and showy when it was called for. Guitarist Greg Jones showed he has a flair for charismatic soloing, a side of him you don't see with his more pop-oriented group, Los Bad Apples. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised.

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