Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photos/Video: La Guerrilla at Momo's [Feb. 16]

Tuesday was World Music Night at Momo's, a weekly residency that showcases local bands performing everything from Latin funk to Eastern European gypsy folk to Indian sitar music. Tuesday's lineup included the experimental world/fusion of La Guerrilla. Click the photo to the left to see my photo album from this show on Facebook. The photos are also on MySpace.

La Guerrilla is one of my favorite new bands. They're just fun to watch. They have so much energy and they lack any pretense. Their music is a little bit Latin, a little bit punky. Kinda gyspsy, kinda South American. What I like most is that they're not afraid to experiment with different sounds. They seem to thrive on experimentation, in fact. The band used to have trombone, but now they have flute. They have a hypeman who blows whistles, makes sound effects and shouts through a megaphone (in addition to playing auxiliary percussion). And WTF with this helmet instrument thing in the video above? None of this seems gimmicky, however, because the end result is inevitably a well-written song that's fun to experience live. The song above is called "Tabla Surfer" and is featured on their new self-titled CD.

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