Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photos: Love at 20 at The Independent [debut show, Feb. 12]

Love at 20 played their debut show on Friday at The Independent at 501 Studios. Though it was their first show, Love at 20 demonstrated a keen understanding of what it takes to distinguish yourself as a live indie band. The set was tight, and their look was clean and professional. They're going to need a couple more shows to fully grow into their own skin, but I see serious potential with this band. After a brief chat with frontman Mike Groener at the show, I can tell this is one of Austin's most ambitious and driven songwriter/performers. He has a vision and a plan. It's rather refreshing, actually. You'll no doubt be hearing more about this band on my blog. You can download Love at 20's debut album for free here.

You can view more photos from this set on my MySpace and Facebook pages.

All photos by Ajay Miranda.

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