Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Band to watch in 2010: STEREO IS A LIE


STEREO IS A LIE has been getting quite a bit of local buzz lately, which makes me happy. I was hooked from this band's very first show in November 2008, when they caught me totally by surprise at Emo's. It's refreshing to see a confident, well-rehearsed band command the stage like SIAL does, rather than awkwardly fumble through a set (a common occurrence in Austin).

I could tell you about their influences... or you can watch this video I shot and edited almost exactly a year ago. The video features STEREO IS A LIE at Stubb's.

Also, check out my Flickr photo album of pictures I took at Ghost Room a few months ago.

STEREO IS A LIE is playing a cool showcase at Ghost Room on Friday, March 5. The showcase is called A Local Night For Local People, no doubt a jab intended for those of us who get cranky with the massive influx of tourists during SXSW. RSVP for this show on Facebook here. Other great bands are on the bill, including psychedelic rockers The Astronaut Suit.

Lastly, STEREO has just about wrapped up the mixing of its debut album. All that's left is for the band to figure out its distribution method, and whether or not that will include a record label.



Ian Morales said...

Good ear...I first heard of them in this blog.