Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best of Austin 2009: drunk people

It's department policy for Austin cops to ask suspected drunken drivers where they had their last drink. The result is an entertaining annual list of the bars responsible for releasing the greatest number of drunks into the wild.

Not surprisingly, a large chunk (12 of 33) of the bars listed are on Sixth Street. The winner is J. Black's, with 27 suspected drunken drivers in 2009. The bar is part of the more pricey West Sixth district, next to Opal Devine's. Only one Red River club made the list. But it's Stubb's, which if we're being honest is kinda like a Sixth Street raft floating on the Red River.

As for runner-up streets, Fourth and Fifth get second and third. The Yellow Rose gets the distinction of being the only strip club on the list, while Sherlock's and the aforementioned titty bar share the only spots for non-downtown establishments.

It's interesting to me that it's the pricier establishments that have the biggest numbers. I guess people who have money can afford to get drunk enough to get pulled over. Or maybe the indie clubs are flooded with bike-riding hipsters, and therefore produce fewer DWIs. Strange.

Read the entire list at the Austin American-Statesman.


subcomandante quito said...

i heard the klbj morning talk crew talk about this. also thought it was interesting that there was no mention of bars/clubs in the 7th/red river district.
it's a good thing, no?!

alex said...

I've heard that you got fresh clubs in Austin. Perfect pace for an Austin dating spree!