Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sat. 2010/01/16

My throat hurts from screaming, but at least I didn't get broken glass on me. Colin was wasted, but I've never known him to be anything but. And Anthony Johnson was back!

I love Hole in the Wall.

I knew you had it in you, Austin!



I shall miss you dearly, Haunting Oboe Music.


P.S. If anyone has video or pictures from Haunting Oboe's show, please send me a link.

P.P.S. I hope this is as incoherent as this blog ever gets. Cheers.


Ian Morales said...

Drinking and blogging is so last decade.

Ben said...


Anonymous said...

Colin and Anthony were WASTED!!!!

Sarah said...

i'm surprised you didn't film it.

Ajay M said...

Sarah, I was too busy rocking out. I got a minute of one song. That's all. Sometimes experiencing something to the fullest in that moment is more important than capturing it.

Ajay M said...

Ian, your face is so last decade.

Sarah said...

oh you don't have to tell me that. that's why none of free week was recorded. i have more fun at shows when i'm not actually working.