Friday, December 18, 2009

Transmission announces Free Week 2010 lineup

Free Week. It's like South By Southwest without the annoying tourists. It's not technically a festival, though every year it feels more and more like one.

Graham Williams started the tradition at Emo's six years ago. He has since founded Transmission Entertainment and continued the tradition at the company's venues: Mohawk, Club de Ville, and Red 7. Other venues like Beauty Bar, Beerland, and a few non-Red River clubs have also followed suit.

What it means for you the fan is that some of Austin's best venues will be hosting some of Austin's best bands totally free of charge.

Transmission is the first to make a mass announcement about its lineup this year. The schedule isn't up yet, but at least we know which bands we can expect to see at three of the best rock clubs in town.

Some personal favorites: Transmography, Obsolete Machines, Prayer For Animals, Shitty Carwash, Christian Bland, Haunting Oboe Music, The Young.... But frankly, there are too many badass bands to list 'em all.

This year's Free Week runs from January 1st to the 10th. You'll be recovering from one hangover whilst working on achieving another. See poster for the bands. Click to enlarge.

Read an official statement from Williams about Free Week here.


Ian Morales said...

Free Week! Damn we are going to be tired and sleepy, but it's so worth it.

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome... Where's The Boxing Lesson's name?? Weird! I thought they were playing Emo's with Harlem.

Ajay M said...

This is only the list of Transmission bands. That means bands playing at either Mohawk, Club de Ville, or Red 7. This list doesn't include Emo's shows. I'll publish those as I get them.