Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New lineup for Death Is Not A Joyride

The experimental progressive-rock group Death Is Not A Joyride had been in a sort of limbo for the past six months, after a MySpace note said the quintet's lead singer, Kacy Ritter, was taking a brief hiatus from the band. They continued on as an instrumental four-piece without indication of what the band's future held.

Today, the band clarified the situation and confirmed that Ritter is no longer a member of Death Is Not A Joyride, and that the band will continue as an instrumental quartet. Ritter had been in rehab, today's note from the band says. She recently left rehab and has decided not to return to Austin.

My take on this: Ritter is a compelling and strong vocalist, but if any band can survive the loss of a lead singer, it's Death Is Not A Joyride. Their music is layered and textured enough that vocals aren't a huge loss. If anything, this might free them up to write music that isn't bound by having to make room for a lead vocal.

Read the MySpace note regarding Kacy's departure here.

Here's a video I shot of DINAJ about a year ago....


fm campers said...

Excited for what the future holds for these guys. Change is good, and a fresh challenge is a good thing for a band like this.

Looking forward to our gig with them in January.

Best of luck guys.