Thursday, December 3, 2009

12/3 Thursday show picks: Cruiserweight, Brownout, We The Granada

Three very different shows for different moods and tastes. My top three show choices for tonight include Cruiserweight and Riddlin' Kids at Emo's, Brownout at Lambert's, and We The Granada at Red 7.

More info and videos after the jump.

Bowling for Soup | Riddlin' Kids | Smile Smile | Cruiserweight
Emo's (outdoor) | Doors at 9p | Cover: $12 | Do512 listing

First we have a nostalgia show of sorts (though I doubt the organizers would bill it as that). Denton, Texas' own pop-punk heroes Bowling For Soup are playing at Emo's. But I'm not picking this show for the headliner. It's the openers that I'm interested in. We have two other acts that were big locally in the early 2000s among fans of poppy/punky rock 'n roll: Riddlin' Kids and Cruiserweight. The Kids played their first show in years at Red Eyed Fly a couple months ago. They were a tad rusty, but showed promise. Mostly, it was just good to hear the tunes again that I heard on 101x when I first moved to Austin six years ago. Cruiserweight have been active to a degree this year, playing a handful of Austin shows. Stella and company always put on an entertaining show. Check out these videos....

Riddlin' Kids video

Cruiserweight video

Brownout | DJ Chicken George
Lamberts | Music at 10:30p | Cover: $8 | Do512 listing

Next we have Grupo Fantasma's little brother, the Latin funk big band Brownout, playing at Lamberts. If you feel like dancing to something funky and hip-shaking, then this is the band for you. I interviewed one of Brownout's masterminds, Adrian Quesada, a few months back for Austin Vida. It was refreshing to learn that a dude as accomplished he is has remained humble and soft-spoken about his music career. Brownout is Prince's backing band on stage (the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince). Here's a video of Brownout from last May....

Brownout video

We The Granada
Red 7 | Do512 listing

Over at the punk/metal dive Red 7, one of the more out there and experimental bands I've seen this year graces the stage: We The Granada. This band is for fans of The Locust, The Mars Volta, and crazy post-hardcore bands with weird vocals. They also bring a light show with them that's pretty cool. When I We The Granada at Hole in the Wall earlier this year, they had a dude controlling these lights on the stage and he was playing these bright lights on beat with the percussion. Cool stuff. I saw two members of the We The Granada handing out fliers for this show last weekend outside the Cursive show at Mohawk. Gotta appreciate the effort that goes into promoting a show.

In a strange twist, We The Granada is also scheduled to play the Parlor on North Loop at 9p today. Two shows in one night? It's rare, but it happens.