Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12/16 Wednesday show picks: Fulton Read, Driver F

I'm feeling poppy, so today's show picks include the piano pop-rock of Fulton Read, the pop-punk of Driver F, and the poppy reggae-rock of Subrosa Union. Keep warm by dancing your ass off to any of the above bands. Details below....

Fulton Read is playing with The Couch and The Daze tonight at The Parish for the final INsite Night of the year. Fulton Read released one of the best EPs of 2008, Indivisualize, and it was free. It still is, actually. Download their EP here. They have a new EP on tap for 2010.

Over at Stubb's, there's the unlikely pairing of Driver F and Subrosa Union. Driver F writes the kind of pop-punk you see in Alternative Press magazine or on Fuse TV. They're very much of the Fallout Boy generation, so fair warning if that's not your thing. You might want to tell your little brother or sister about it. Subrosa Union plays upbeat reggae-rock that belongs in an outdoor venue in July. But it works any time of the year, really.

Driver F video