Sunday, December 13, 2009

12/14 Monday show pick: Sober Daze, Capital City Outlaws

Monday night offers a satisfying serving of punk rock and pizza pie at the Parlor on North Loop. The pizza at the Parlor is some of the best in town, and that deal is only made sweeter by the quantity of great, free music you can find there on almost any night of the week. Definitely one of the underrated venues in town.

On Monday, the Parlor has old-school hardcore punk from Sober Daze and Capital City Outlaws. As the name implies, Capital City Outlaws are from here and they also have a country feel to their otherwise straight-ahead punk sound. When you mix punk with country, you get a sound that's kinda downright poppy. But don't tell them that. The Outlaws also have a knack for memorable song titles ("Booze it or Lose it" comes to mind). Then you have Sober Daze, who are the embodiment of a punk show: fun, fun, fun. All that matters is good friends, loud tunes, and cheap beer at a Sober Daze show. The bands start setting up at about 8.

Sober Daze video


Ian said...

Sober Daze fucking rule! I love those dudes.

Anonymous said...

hell yeah sober daze kicks ass, and cco was alot of fun too!