Sunday, December 13, 2009

12/13 Sunday show pick: STEREO IS A LIE, Frantic Clam

Today's pick is a benefit show at Antone's, featuring a talented trio of Red River bands. Doors open at 4:30 but there's no rush, as the music is spread throughout the evening. Cover is $10, which is kinda stiff, but this show benefits the Austin Children's Shelter, so at least you know your dollars are going to a cause other than bolstering the bartender's vintage t-shirt collection or supporting the sound guy's coke habit.

Three very worthy bands are on tap at Antone's: SPEAK, STEREO IS A LIE, and Frantic Clam. No, that's not me getting crazy with the caps lock key. Two of those bands do spell their names in all caps.

SPEAK sounds straight out of the New Wave era of the '80s with their quirky and upbeat synth-laden pop-rock. STEREO IS A LIE melds stylish and snarling '90s Brit-rock with just enough Texas twang and 2009 unease to give their music a familiar yet completely fresh feel. Frantic Clam is a band influenced by the more melody-driven side of '90s alternative rock. The opening 20 seconds of Frantic Clam's soon-to-be hit single "Sasha Gray" sound like vintage Weezer, until Zack Hadley's vocals arrive with suggestive lyrics about the notorious porn star of the song's title. Get more info about this show at Do512.

Frantic Clam video