Friday, November 6, 2009

Local bands at Fun Fun this weekend

Fun Fun Fun Fest logo 2This is an updated and expanded version of an earlier post.

Austin is well-represented in this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup. Anyone who reads this blog knows my focus is on local bands. Don't get me wrong; I'm stoked about Danzig, but ol' Glenn doesn't need me to tell you what a horror-punk legend he is. So with that, I thought I'd give you a rundown of some of the Austinites you'll want to know about for this weekend's festival at Waterloo Park.

Day/Time: Sunday, 1p
Stage: Yellow

This is Bankrupt and the Borrowers' final show. One of the most promising and hardworking bands in Austin met tragedy recently when Jon Pettis, one of the band's founders, died in a house fire. This band was my favorite in town. The remaining members each play in different bands, so I know I'll still see the guys around. But Bankrupt was their baby. This band was special. Don't miss your chance to catch their tribute show to Pettis. Members from local bands The Bread, Bridge Farmers, and The Van Buren Boys will be filling in during this set. Listen to new, unreleased songs from the band on MySpace.

Day/Time: Saturday, 12:20p
Stage: Blue

The Roots might be the most recognizable and popular example of a hip-hop group with a live backing band, but they're not the only ones. Austin has several, and among them is Betaplayer, a group with two emcees and a backing band that has serious chops. Check out the video below. I also have a live instrumental jam from Betaplayer on my YouTube channel here. Visit Betaplayer on MySpace.

Day/Time: Sunday, 12:35p
Stage: Black

Austin isn't known for its metal or hardcore scenes like San Antonio is, but that doesn't mean ATX can't rock your skull when we have to. Case in point: Austin's Pack of Wolves. They released a wicked vinyl-only album a few months ago and they're set to open for The Sword at a sold-out show this Friday at Mohawk. Austin Vida interviewed the band (here) and Chuck Loesch from 101X's metal radio show No Control gave the album a glowing review (here). Metal is not dead in this city. Check out Pack of Wolves on MySpace.

Day/Time: Sunday, 4p
Stage: Yellow

If you check the local concert calendars regularly enough, you've no doubt seen the name Harlem. They played a pizza place yesterday and the outside stage at Mohawk last Saturday (that's range). Harlem recently signed with Matador Records, a legendary label in the indie-rock world. Matador is home to other Fun Fun performers, including Fucked Up, Mission of Burma, and Austin's own Shearwater. The New York label also gave Spoon its first out-of-town record deal back in the '90s. If Matador is into Harlem, they might be worth checking out yourself. Visit Harlem on MySpace.

Day/Time: Sunday, 5:20p
Stage: Yellow

Much like Harlem, the quartet of Strange Boys is also into creating sloppy-fun dance tunes with a '60s garage-rock sound and feel. Strange Boys are a little more old-school R&B than Harlem, but both bands are top-notch garage-rock revivalists. It seems to be the "it" genre of the moment, and Austin has plenty of bands who do it well. Visit The Strange Boys on MySpace.

Day/Time: Sunday, 1:05p
Stage: Orange

One of the most successful indie bands to come from Austin in recent history is The Black and White Years. It's not hard to see why: They write catchy music and work hard. Their one of those bands you year about getting their break at South By Southwest (yes, it is possible). They played a packed show recently at Mohawk. It was their last Austin club date of the year. Fun Fun is the last time you'll be able to see them in town in 2009. Check them out on MySpace.

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