Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Help a blogger out: My video camera is broken

I've been filming local bands in Austin since July 2008. As of this blog post, I've uploaded 176 videos to my YouTube channel, which have gathered a combined 45,770 views. As a result, I've also been able to document the physical evolutions of venues like Emo's and Mohawk, as well as capture now-defunct venues like Room 710 and Troubadour. I've seen good bands come and go. I've made friends and allies, and drank for free more times than I can count. Many local bands' MySpace pages feature my videos; even Do512 uses a bunch of my videos in band profiles. I film for other websites and publications like Austin Vida, INsite Austin, and Double Stereo too. I'd like to think that my video camera's impact on the local music scene in the past year has been greatly positive and impossible to ignore.

Unfortunately, my camera has suffered some wear and tear. The LCD flip screen has been dying slowly for months. It finally kicked the bucket last week. I can't access menu options on my camera anymore, which means I can't film live music anymore. It's going to cost $350 to repair the camera. It's not a huge amount, but it's still more than I can comfortably spare right now entirely out of pocket.

I never once asked any of the bands on my YouTube channel for money. I did it for free because I wanted to contribute to the scene as a fan. I wanted bands to know that I didn't have an agenda. Just a genuine appreciation for what they do.

But now I'm reaching out to you, my readers, for a little help. I've created a donation button below. If you're a band, a fan, a promoter, a venue, or anybody who thinks my free service to the scene has been valuable, now is your chance to show it.

If just one person a day donates $10, I will have enough cash to pay for repairs in just five weeks. But I gotta believe there are more than 35 people out there who value what I do. My busiest traffic day last week was 235 unique visitors in one day. Anything you can spare will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading, and thanks for watching my videos. Cheers.

Click the button below to donate via credit, debit, or PayPal account.

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Justin said...

You got my $10, wish I could afford more right now. C'mon people this man is providing a valuable service. Good luck sir!