Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Local show picks: Thursday 10/29

The White White Lights, She Sir, Haunting Oboe Music @ Beauty Bar

Tonight's show pick begs the question: If the Earth is taken over by space invaders, will there be slavery in space? Would we do more than just gaze at our shoes, and instead come up with a clandestine plan? Won't you tell me?

One of my favorite personal discoveries of this year is The White White Lights, who headline tonight at Beauty Bar. I heard about them from a friend who pointed out that the drummer is the same guy who drums for one of my top-five favorite local bands, STEREO IS A LIE. I could try to explain TWWL's sound, or you could just watch this video of them performing "Space Invaders" at Emo's....

The three opening bands on this all-local lineup include the shoegazers She Sir, the experimental sextet Haunting Oboe Music, and the alt-pop-rockers Isle of White.

Haunting Oboe Music is a band you have to see at least once if you live here. I've been going to their shows since 2007 and it never gets old. The band released 12 EPs in 2008, for a total of more than 50 songs. If you think that's epic, you should see them live. I took a buddy to see them at Hole In The Wall almost exactly a year ago and he said it reminded him of the first time he saw Cursive live. Admittedly, the Oboes have been in flux for the better part of 2009 due to lineup changes. They added a new guitarist this summer to fill in the gaps left by the departure of their trumpet player/keyboardist. The changed dynamics have led them to incorporate more quiet and mellow songs live, but the loud ones still melt your face. Here's a video I shot of them playing "Slavery in Space" in the KVRX studios....

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