Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Local show picks: Friday 10/16

The Bread @ Hole in the Wall / cover: suggested donation

This show was supposed to occur under more joyous circumstances. The Bread, a staple of Hole in the Wall, scheduled this show as a CD release party for their debut album. Personally, it's one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Also on the bill was The Bread's good friends and frequent collaborators Bankrupt and the Borrowers. But a week ago, a freak electrical fire at a house in northeast Austin took the life of Bankrupt guitarist Jon Pettis (aka Baggage).

On Wednesday, Hole in the Wall hosted a memorial service for friends and family to pay their respects and remember Jon. It was one of the most beautiful displays of humanity and love I've ever been a part of. Jon's impact on those of us who knew him was profound. We are forever touched. In Jon's honor, the show is going on. The Bread's show is now a benefit for Jon's family. Here's the schedule:

6:30 Will Cope
8:30 R.J. Baker & Deep Truckin Hank McCoy (members of Like Dogs)
10:30 Camp Town Ladies
11:30 The Bread
12:30 Clyde & Clem's Whiskey Business

Check out this video of The Bread performing almost exactly a year ago at the Hole.

Other shows worth checking out if you're downtown: LIONS at Mohawk (outdoor stage). This Austin-based punch-you-in-the-face rock band tours the U.K. in December. Don't miss your chance to see them in town before the year is out. Show details at Do512 here.

Next door at Club de Ville, one of the weirdest bands (that's a compliment) I've seen in this town takes the stage: Shitty Carwash. Picture two loud, angry dudes making noise with a guitar and drums for two minutes at a time, then taking two-minute breaks at which time traditional Norteño music is played on a cheap boombox. Yeah, really. More details at Do512 here.

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Ian Morales said...

My vote is for the Lions, but whatever you hipsters want to do I guess...:)