Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend photos: What Made Milwaukee Famous @ Antone's

What made Milwaukee famous? Beer, for starters. And beer is what I got spilled on me during WMMF's encore. I expect that from Bankrupt and the Borrowers or the Krum Bums, but the wholesome WMMF? To be fair, I think it got kicked over accidentally mid-guitar-solo during the last song. Ever the showmen, WMMF played 18 songs, including several new ones. Frontman Michael Kingcaid said the band will spend 2010 recording a followup full-length album to 2008's What Doesn't Kill Us.

Snapping photos during this set was tough; the crowd was packed in sardine-tight. And the thing is, I usually don't have trouble forcing my way through large crowds if I have to, but I'm used to doing that when it's a bunch of sweaty dudes who tower over my 5'8" frame. When the crowd is comprised mostly of underage chicks, that's a different story. I feel bad elbowing the 105-pound freshman in flip-flops and a UT shirt, especially when it's probably her first show in Austin. Philosophically, it's somehow easier to be assertive with people who can kick my ass. I don't know why that is, but there you go.

Click the images below to see my What Made Milwaukee Famous photo set at Flickr.






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