Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend photos: Nelo @ Stubb's

On Thursday, pop/folk rockers Nelo played a HAAM benefit show at Stubb's. HAAM, if you don't know, is the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. They do good work for the local music community, helping with health care needs for that sect of Austin society that does a lot for our economy but isn't known for being the most wealthy or likely to be fully insured. Nelo put on a solid show. They're the kind of band you'd take a date to see at Momo's. Smooth and sensitive enough for the ladies, but just enough rock and musicianship to make them alright with the dudes. Kinda Dave Matthews-ish, but I don't find these guys annoying like I do DMB. Click the image below to see my Nelo photo set at Flickr.

nelo photo set
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