Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend photos: Carousel Lounge

On Friday, I'd planned to check out a show at Hole in the Wall. I showed up to the bar early enough to have a taco dinner before the music started (some of the best tacos in town, by the way). That's when Denis the bartender told me his band The Bread was playing later that night at Carousel Lounge in north Austin. The other acts on the bill: the gritty delta bluesman Mrs. Glass and the whiskey-drenched folk tunes of Jesse Moore and the East Cameron Folkcore. Three of my favorite local acts in one night? I'm there!

The Carousel Lounge is an interesting place. It's a circus-themed BYOB dive bar in a dangerous neighborhood off of Cameron Road, up north. As for its musical leanings, Denis described the place best when he said, "I've seen some of the best bands I've ever seen there, and some of the worst I've ever seen."

Mrs. Glass singin' some dirty blues

His ragged guitar case doubles as a kick drum

Jesse Moore and Eric Lopez

The Folkcore brass section

Liquor in the front

Nice tats

Seein' pink elephants


View the rest of the Carousel set at Flickr here.

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