Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tonight: The White White Lights @ Mohawk

The White White LightsI'm weird. I do stuff like go to shows for the opener and leave before the headliner plays. I'll likely be doing that again tonight, but thankfully I'm not the only weird one in town. Austin's indie-space-rock quartet The White White Lights are also kinda weird. They don't have too many MySpace friends, but they do have a cute girl who can sing and a possessed man who can play guitar.

Their sound is kinda punky, spacey, and upbeat. And their performances are raw and passionate. At Emo's a few weeks ago, guitarist Deluxe (that's his name) had a Texas death match with his guitar, literally punching it and swinging it around before finally slamming it to the ground mercilessly. He then clutched his trembling, sweaty fist as he plodded off stage. It was one of the craziest guitar solos I've ever seen, and a bad-ass way to end a set.

You can see The White White Lights tonight at Mohawk when they open for The Lemurs. I was lukewarm on The Lemurs the one time I saw them play earlier this year. Their show was okay. Not bad, but not something I'd go see again without another band I like on the same bill. I recommend you stick around for The Lemurs if you haven't seen them yet. Every band is worth seeing at least once. That's my philosophy.

Check out my White White Lights live video below. It's an uptempo, aggressive song about awkwardness. Space invaders!

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