Friday, September 11, 2009

Tonight: Blunt Force Trauma @ Parlor (North Loop)


That's the mantra of a generation of punk-rock bands in town. What it means to me: Keep things local and keep Austin as Austin... an open-minded city that loves its music, without the annoying gloss and glam that bigger cities attach to their scenes.

Tonight, four of these bands rock the Parlor on North Loop as part of the second-annual 9/11 Concert for Truth. Will this be the hippest show of the night? The sexiest? The most blogged about? No. No. And hell no. So why am I telling you about it? First, because no one else will. And secondly, because this shit's gonna be rowdy! Put your punk-rock socks on and prepare to get them knocked off by some of the Austin underground hardcore scene's best bands. Hardcore as in the early '80s hardcore. Not that weird emo crap they call hardcore nowadays in mainstream music magazines. Punk rock and pizza! What more do you need?

Here's a video from headliners Blunt Force Trauma:

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