Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photo/Video: Rubberhed @ Red Eyed Fly

The long-defunct Rubberhed played a reunion show to commemorate Red Eyed Fly's 10-year anniversary last weekend. Rubberhed is a quintessential Austin Red River band: impossible to categorize but loud and fun to see live. If you want an idea, the sextet mixes elements of pop-punk, metal, and hip-hop (it really depends on the song). Frontman Mike Truth said this was Rubberhed's last show ever (no future reunions, sorry). Thankfully, 'NITES was there to snap some photos and shoot video. Enjoy!


Rubberhed live photosView the full collection at Flickr here.


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Ian Morales said...

Austin history right there...who the nerdy bass player in the black baseball cap?