Tuesday, September 29, 2009

'NITES featured in Republic of Austin

Republic of Austin logoThe local lifestyle and entertainment blog Republic of Austin is doing a series that looks at the ACL Fest recommendations of local music-related people. I was included in the series, and my picks were published today.

Here's an excerpt:

You ever wanted to go to a show, but maybe you had food poisoning and couldn’t make it? Or maybe there were TWO killer shows on the same night, and you regrettably could only go to one? Sure, you could read a review about it or see pictures–but those don’t let you EXPERIENCE the concert. Thank goodness Austin has ‘Nites, a blog that features videos from shows around Austin.

In case you're wondering what I think about this year's ACL, you can read the entire article and Q&A at Republic of Austin here.

'NITES, A Blog For Austinites :: Supporting local live music in Austin, Texas :: nitesblog.com


uselessgoo said...

Why are there so few shows you are going to see Ajay? Or is this just the "cream of the crop?" I'd be all over the place if I had the press pass!! Have fun.