Wednesday, September 9, 2009

mp3 of the day: Sheer Khan and the Space Case

Sheer Khan and the Space CaseTonight at Mixx, the self-proclaimed tropical space funk quartet of Sheer Khan and the Space Case will be rockin' the reggae-funk jams. Locally, they can be compared with the funk-rock of Full Service. Nationally, they seem to draw from the mellower sides of Red Hot Chili Peppers and 311, borrowing the softer funk rather than the in-your-face attack those bands are sometimes known for. Mixx, if you haven't heard of it (and I don't blame you), is the newly revamped dance-club-turned-rock-bar on Sixth Street, half a block from the Sixth-and-Red-River entrance of El Sol Y La Luna and right next to the entrance of the Emo's outdoor stage. The club reopened with its new rock-n-roll identity last month, just in time to hopefully capitalize on the closure of Room 710 on Red River. Sheer Khan to me typifies the kind of band that is perfect for Mixx, and would've formerly played Room 710: a young, motivated band looking for a place to play without jumping through hoops or dealing with BS... a group of eager musicians looking for a meat-n-potatoes place to rock. Listen to Sheer Khan's song "Jazzy" below, from their debut EP Controlled Chaos.

Download: SheerKhan-Jazzy.mp3 (right-click, save as)


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