Monday, September 14, 2009

mp3 of the day: The Eastern Sea

The Eastern SeaHas The Eastern Sea’s music appeared in a Focus Features film yet? If not, why not? You know those heartfelt and quirky indie-tinged movies about love and heartbreak that always have hip soundtracks (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lost in Translation, Away We Go, etc). Yeah, those. This local indie/folk/pop quintet’s music would be perfect for that kind of film. I don’t say this to demean the band, or to put them in a box. Rather, this band smoothly manages to be both cinematic and sensitive at the same time. That can be a tough task to pull off.

Personally, indie-folk is one of my least favorite genres because so often the bands end up sounding bland and boring in their quest for subtle and smart. I end up feeling nothing, when clearly this kind of music is made for tremendous emotionality. The Eastern Sea, on the other hand, has no trouble making my ears perk up. It's very visual, their music. I almost wish every song on their self-titled EP was accompanied by a music video, so I could compare their visual ideas with the vivid images I see in my head when listening to a song like "The Menu". You can listen to it below. You have two opportunities to catch this band live in the next two weeks: this Friday at Mohawk and Tuesday 9/29 at Stubb's.

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