Thursday, September 17, 2009

Last night's photos: The Steps, One Hundred Flowers @ Emo's

The nice thing about going to a show at Emo's is that you're often getting two shows for the price of one. Sometimes you'll discover a new band this way, while other times you'll bump into a band you already liked but didn't know was scheduled to play that night. This happened to me last night. I went to check out Dignan on the outside stage (view the photos here), but in between bands I went to the inside stage. It just so happened that The Steps, the fun garage rockers and winners of last year's Sound and the Jury contest, were playing inside. I snapped a few photos of the quartet, but not before catching the upbeat pop of One Hundred Flowers, one of the openers at the Dignan show outside. Good times.

Photos by Ajay Miranda. Click photos to open in new window.

The Steps rockin' the indoor stage

Bass players with attitudes

For rock, press here (Thanks to Jen Leduc for that line)

One Hundred Flowers playing outside

Singin' and having a grand ol' time

And pointing to the heavens

Look at this fucking texter

Having a smoke...

...and hangin' out...

...while the sound guy does his thing

View all of my Steps photos at Flickr here, and my One Hundred Flowers photos here.

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