Thursday, September 17, 2009

Last night's photos: Dignan @ Emo's

Why do people in Austin stand 20 feet away from the stage at rock shows? There's often a massive chasm of emptiness between the band and the fans, and I can never figure it out. It makes my job easier as a videographer and photographer, but as a fan it really rubs me the wrong way. And apparently, it's just Austin. Kids from the Valley ain't so shy, as evidenced by Dignan's set last night at Emo's. The indie quintet from McAllen put on a great show, and even before the band finished soundchecking there was already a group of 20 or 30 kids standing as close as they could get without actually being on the stage. Many of them traveled from the Valley for the show. I love that kind of enthusiasm. Lots of fans even sang along, another rare sight in Austin. I know we're the Live Music Capital of the World, but other cities keep putting us on notice. What's the deal?

Photos by Ajay Miranda. Click each to open in new window.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Andy Pena

Being all purple and indie

The crowd enjoys it

Trey Perez on drums

Half-dozen fans join on percussion for last song

We Latinos love our auxiliary percussion

Dignan's music induces smiles and thoughtful glares

Accordion is the new synth

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