Wednesday, September 23, 2009

INsite Night: The Boxing Lesson

The Boxing Lesson @ INsite Night. Watch it on Vimeo or YouTube.

INsite MagazineThe Boxing Lesson recently played INsite Night, the concert series hosted by INsite Magazine. Watch a video of their show above.

About the band: It's been a strange 365 days for The Boxing Lesson. First, their great friend and talented drummer, Jake Mitchell, was imprisoned by the feds for growing pot. They found a drummer to replace Mitchell temporarily, but after a few months it didn't work out. The band's manager, Ryan Cano, filled in on drums for a bit (he has a drumming background). The band is now operating as a duo while they put the finishing touches on their new album, Possibilities, due out in early 2010. The fact that the band has made it through all these obstacles and managed to write/record an album and tour across the country this year says a lot about their tenacity and determination. This band is a force to be reckoned with. This video features the new song "Long Time Long Term Possibility" as well as "Muerta" from their 2008 album Wild Streaks & Windy Days.

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