Friday, September 4, 2009

In Case You Missed It: Aug. 30 to Sept. 5

nites logoA lot of stuff happens in a week. I can't cover it all, but thankfully there's an entire army of people with Blogger and Wordpress accounts in Austin to fill in some gaps. Here's a brief rundown of entertainment news and Austin weirdness, as well as this week's Craigslist Missed Connections.

The Austin Police Department plans to crack down on drunk driving more strongly than usual this weekend, enforcing a no-refusal rule for the first time since the passage of a new bill into law. What this means for drivers: If you refuse to take a breathalyzer, the police can draw blood from you to check your blood-alcohol levels. Sounds pretty shady to me. I don't want some tense cop handling a needle around my veins, that's for damn sure. From the local CBS affiliate KEYE: "Senate Bill 328 says police don't need a search warrant to draw blood from certain suspected drunk drivers. Those alleged drunk drivers who refuse a breath test will have blood drawn Labor Day weekend, something a DWI attorney says you shouldn't consent too." Read more details at KEYE's website We Are Austin.

The folks over at Austin Noise, the most comprehensive blog I know of that's following the noise ordinance debacle in Austin, have been on their game lately. Contributor Joshua Leasure wrote an informative post a few days ago about why decibel measurements aren't always accurate, and why that can be harmful to local music venues. The current 70db rule is unfair and arbitrary, Austin Noise argues, because the position and distance of the decibel reader can make a huge difference in the result. Shady Grove may have been unfairly penalized for this reason. Read the post here.

The Austin Chronicle published its Best of Austin list on Thursday. They included some history with their writeups, as this was the 20th year of picking Austin's best businesses and personalities based on reader voting and judges. Lots of the same folks win every year. It's not to say that this list isn't valuable in some way, but the Chronicle poll always feels more like the Most Recognizable Brand Names of Austin, rather than the truly Best of Austin. But that's a rant for another day. Read the results here.

from Craigslist Austin...

Nerd Nite Austin - m4w - 31 (Buffalo Ballards)
Blue tank top, broach in hair at the bar. Why on earth were you with that douche nozzle who either played with his crackberry, or looked off in the other direction bored? You glanced right at me more than twice. I would have paid attention.

Dear English Teacher - m4w - 25 (ACC)
You are SOOO freaking hot. So hot. You being my teacher, and the complete polar opposite of everything I believe in, there is not a shot in hell for me. But I need to let it out, you are something amazing. Don't think I'll be missing class ever again.

Around the world
I would fly around the world to meet you so you could fuck me!! Being with you is like nothing I have ever experience before in my life! The intensity gets greater and greater with every encounter! It's kind of scary!!! :) Cause it makes me want you more! Feel you more ofter! Think of you constantly!

Intercambio de cosas raras - m4w (S. Austin)
Willing to barter my oddities for those of another. I have some noise-reducing earphones that work really well sometimes and not as well as they should at other times (microphone comes separately), a Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary bound in cloth with multiple coffee stains among the oft thumbed pages, a substantial bowl of keys that have lost their locks, a few extinguished meteorites, an incomplete set of cabernet glasses (some have inexplicably broken), a large, green and brown, chipped marble I serendipitously found at the bank after getting a checking acct balance that caused me to stare at the ground upon exiting, some broken darts that never hit a bull's eye to save my life but did graze a frat boy at a bar once, an MLA handbook abused like a red-headed stepchild, a Far Side daily calendar I gave up on 02/14/06, some unfinished job applications to book stores and coffee shops from around South Austin, a guitar pick scissored out of a gift card someone gave me for Christmas but had forgotten/neglected to activate, and a mirror that was broken 5 or 6 years past, a bargain of only 1 or 2 years' bad luck remaining.

(Read the rest at the link above)

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Anonymous said...

Yo Ajay, I agree with you about the Chronicle Best of "Same Old Stuff." If you travel around Austin, you see a lot of new enterprises, activities and events and somehow they don't show up on the Best Of. Is there some sort of "industrial/political machine" that selects the Best Of? With some of the comments from the Critic's Pick, that underground machine theory isn't that far fetched. And as for the "hardest working guy trying to keep a job," what's up with that? And you're right that's another blog. Hey Ajay, thanks for publishing my comments regardless of who they piss off. \m/