Thursday, September 3, 2009

For those about to rock (go to the Alamo Ritz)

Alamo Drafthouse logoWelcome to the jungle, we've got fun and sing-alongs. Alamo Drafthouse's downtown Ritz location is hosting the first of two '80s monster rock sing-alongs tonight. If you haven't been, Alamo sing-alongs are a fun way to spend a couple hours. You get to watch old music videos on a movie screen, and no one minds if you "sing" loudly and off-key. In fact, it's encouraged. That's handy when you're trying to hit Brian Johnson's vocal range on "Back in Black" or Dee Snider's in "We're Not Gonna Take It". The sing-along starts at 10:20. Admission is $12 and includes an inflatable guitar for your rock-star smashing purposes. Visit the Drafthouse's website here.

Other cool local business stuff going on tonight:

I learned from Austin Epicurean that Torchy's Tacos (home to some of the best tacos in town) is hosting its third-birthday party this evening. It was this time three years ago that Torchy's made its debut, and now they've got several locations including trailers and storefronts. To celebrate, the Torchy's location at El Paso Getaway (2809 S. 1st St.) will be serving up free keg beer while The Ruby Jane Show plays some mean fiddle. The free beer goes from 7 to 10 tonight. Visit the official Torchy's website here.

And Cream Vintage, a staple of the Drag at UT, is hosting a grand opening for its newest clothing store in the SoCo district (1714A S. Congress). The party begins at 5 this evening with live music from The Tunnels and a DJ set by Glynn Wedgewood, lead singer of the awesome local band STEREO IS A LIE. Visit Cream Vintage on MySpace here.

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