Thursday, September 3, 2009

Austin's One-Eyed Doll visits Mexico

One Eyed DollAustin's own One-Eyed Doll, the metal/powerpop duo of Kimberly Freeman and P.J. Evans, recently returned from northern Mexico, where they played a show in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Singer/guitarist Freeman kept a tour diary of the four-day stay south of the border. She did a thorough and impressive job with her astute and humble tour diary. The duo stayed with a family in Monterrey and lived on home cooking while exploring the sights, culture and history of the city.

Here are some observations from Freeman about the city:

We strolled around a kind of shopping plaza, where we saw lots of street performers, vendors and scammers. We saw a restaurant run by nuns, and a huge crowd of people doing the Thriller dance in the square! There were zombies! It was pretty cool driving/walking around and hearing stories. Get this. Once, all the metal heads and punkers in Mexico arranged a nationwide beating-up of Emo kids. I guess a lot of it happened right there in the square. Wow. I guess it's been awhile, cause we saw some pretty major hairdos - Tokyo Hotel style stuff. The square is a big hipster hangout.

About leaving Mexico...

It's so sad to leave this place. I love my Mexican family so much. Three is pretty sad, too. Today, I learned a whole bunch of Spanish. Jessica and Alle and I had giggle fits all the way around town and at the house, trying out new words. I'm kind of just repeating everything I hear. My Spanish is so poor. I think with more time here, I could get better.

For those who don't know, Monterrey has a thriving music scene right now. Lots of interesting and talented bands are coming from this city in northern Mexico, including the psychedelic noise duo XYX, a band who plays Austin regularly and was featured in Austin Vida earlier this summer here. This is a city to keep an eye on if you're a fan of underground and independent music.

Check out this fan-shot video of One-Eyed Doll after their Monterrey gig. You can read One-Eyed Doll's tour blog here.

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