Monday, August 17, 2009

UT Back-to-School Fest @ Hole In The Wall

Back to School poster
It's rare that 'NITES gets involved with sponsoring or throwing shows. It takes a special occasion, like a two-night CD release showcase during SXSW (info) or a New Year's winter wonderland party at Beauty Bar (info). Well, a week from Saturday (August 29) happens to be one of those special occasions.

My buddy Andy Kaminski of Your Kisses Cause Crashes put together an all-day music festival at Hole In The Wall called the UT Back-to-School Day Fest. The show will feature 20 bands on two stages and DJs in the back stage.

The show is free from 2 p.m. to 7, but there's a cover after that. The proceeds go to a cool nonprofit called Charity Music of Texas. If you haven't heard of it, Charity Music is a national program that provides music mentoring and instruments on loan to at-risk youth. I know if it weren't for interesting after-school programs, I probably would've done some dumb crap as a grade-school student. That's a show I can get behind.

Local blog TwoGroove is also a sponsor. If you're not reading TwoGroove, you should be. It's the second-best music blog in Austin (after 'NITES, of course).

Again, the show is on Saturday, August 29. Mark it on you calendars! Here's the schedule...

Front Stage
2:00 The Fireball Show (Austin, Tx)
3:00 Ideal Soul Mart (Austin, Tx)
4:00 Oberon (Chicago, IL)
5:00 The Upper Echelon (Austin, Tx)
6:00 SNAFU Kitties (Austin, Tx)
7:30 B.B. Mercy (Austin, Tx)
8:30 Woozyhelmet (Austin, Tx)
9:30 The Blind Pets (Austin, Tx)
10:30 The Backsliders (Dallas, Tx)
11:30 Guitars (Houston, Tx)

Middle Stage
2:30 The Small Sounds (Houston, Tx)
3:25 Buxton (Houston, Tx)
4:20 Abby Birds (Austin, Tx)
5:15 Buttercup (San Antonio, Tx)
6:10 Watching the Moon (Austin, Tx)
7:05 Frantic Clam (Austin, Tx)
8:00 The Watermarks (Houston, Tx)
8:55 The Seas (Austin, Tx)
9:50 Mock Tigers (Austin, Tx)
10:45 Your Kisses Cause Crashes (Austin, Tx)
11:40 Quiet Company (Austin, Tx)
12:45 Deathray Davies (Dallas, Tx)

Back Stage DJ’s:
DJ Mel (Austin, Tx)
DJ Czech One (Austin, Tx)
DJ Scorpio (Austin, Tx)
DJ Billy Q (Austin, Tx)
DJ Dey One & MC Brain (Austin, Tx)

Back-to-School Fest on Do512
Back-to-School Fest on Facebook
Your Kisses Cause Crashes
Charity Music of Texas

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Sarah said...

i will be there! probably using the opportunity to interview bands throughout the day.

Ajay M said...

Always the hard worker, Sarah!

Just a heads up: Whenever you or anyone with a website comments on my blog, you should use the name/URL option so you can automatically link back to your site from your name. I don't mind driving traffic to other local bloggers. :)

Sarah said...

will do. i keep forgetting to add a link. i'm not used to it yet. :)