Thursday, August 27, 2009

Round 1 of ACL Fest voting ends Friday

sound and juryThe first round of voting for Austin City Limits' Sound and the Jury competition ends Friday. The battle-of-the-bands competition sent local garage-rockers The Steps to an opening slot at ACL Fest last year. You still have 'til Friday night to vote for your favorite bands.

The voting process consists of several rounds. This first round will allow the top 100 vote-getters to move on. From there, a panel of judges will select 20 bands to move onto another open round of online voting. The top 20 will be announced on September 4th.

Here are the current top 5 vote-getters:

1. SPEAK | MySpace
(votes: 3,366)

2. Mucho Gusto | MySpace
(votes: 3,070)

3. The Itchy Hearts | MySpace
(votes: 2,720)

4. Veronica Romeo | MySpace
(votes: 2,476)

5. The Handshake | MySpace
(votes: 2,124)

Perhaps more interestingly, here are the bands vying for the last few spots in the top 100. At 94th place is Bionicore with 114 votes, and at 104th place is The Michael Stoutenger Band with 89 votes. Here are the bands in between:

Bionicore (votes: 114), Built by Snow (votes: 112), Bout (votes: 112), Give Back (votes: 110), Vinyl Dharma (votes: 109), June Halo (votes: 107), The Foot. (votes: 105), Loomis and the Lust (votes: 102), Gravy (votes: 101), ChrisCrow (votes: 99), Caretta Bell (votes: 96), Oak Is Keeping (votes: 93), Clearly From Negligence (votes: 91), Mia Borders (votes: 90), Aftertraces (votes: 90), The Michael Stoutenger Band (votes: 89)

See a band you like? Register at this link and vote, vote, vote.

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Michael said...

You can catch The Michael Stoutenger Band on myspace
and youttube