Monday, August 31, 2009

Music video: Los Bad Apples "El Ritmo Me Manda"

Los Bad ApplesAustin's hip-hop/Latin fusion group Los Bad Apples contacted me a couple months ago about working with them on a music video for the upbeat, catchy song "El Ritmo Me Manda". The group had toured the Middle East back in February, playing about a dozen military base showcases. Local filmmaker Lisa Kaselak traveled with the Apples, filming the shows and the behind-the-scenes stuff. My job was to find the most interesting footage and edit it all together for a music video. I hope I did that successfully. Enjoy the finished video below. A video premiere party might be in the works too.

Watch this video in higher quality on my Vimeo page.

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Los Bad Apples said...

Ajay - You did an AWESOME job, thanks so much! It was great to relive all those moments.