Friday, August 14, 2009

In Case You Missed It: Aug. 9th-14th

nites logoA lot of crap happens in a week. I can't cover it all, but thankfully there's an entire army of people with Blogger and Wordpress accounts in Austin to fill in some gaps. Here's a brief rundown of entertainment news and Austin weirdness (including Craigslist postings!).

Less than a year after releasing their debut album to much acclaim, symphonic post-rockers The Calm Blue Sea are releasing their sophomore album titled Siegfried: An Original Score. No, that's not some weirdly pretentious title. It actually is an original score... to a film called Siegfried. The band was asked to compose 96 minutes of music for the 1924 silent film and play the compositions live during a screening of the film at the Alamo Ritz last March. They later recorded the music in a studio. The album will be released digitally (iTunes and the like) on August 18. Physical copies are limited: the band decided to print only 200 hard copies, which can be purchased at shows. Download a free mp3 from the upcoming release at Austin Sound. Check out the band on MySpace.

Lone Star, the Texas hipster beer of choice, is throwing its own music festival on October 24 at the historic site of the original Lone Star brewery in San Antonio. Indie Bash at the Brewery, as it's called, will feature nine Texas music acts on two stages. Notably, recent Austin transplant Ben Kweller is listed as one of the headliners. Kweller played a fun and charming solo acoustic set at Mohawk on Wednesday night, opening for Amy Cook as a special guest. At the end of that set, Kweller told the audience "I'm gonna be doing this a lot more... playing shows around town, I mean." Looks like it. Read the Indie Bash press release at TwoGroove and get more info at the Indie Bash official website.

The troubled local cable channel ME Television is without a permanent CEO after founder and chief executive Connie Wodlinger resigned on Monday. The music and entertainment network laid off most of its staff last year, including its on-air talent, after having a rough go of it financially. Kevin Kettler, a former Dell exec, is acting as interim CEO until a permanent replacement can be found. Whoever the new CEO is, they'll have their work cut out for them; the network's contract with the city calls for ME to reach 2.5 million cable subscribers in central Texas by 2012. Currently, ME reaches under half a million Time Warner subscribers, according to the Statesman. Read my take on the situation here.

It seems there's a missing duck on the east side. Bloggers at East Austinite saw a flier posted with a picture of said duck along with the caption SHE IS LOVED AND MISSED!!! They did their duty as concerned citizens and called the number on the flier for more info. Apparently, the duck was lost near 10th Street and Prospect. Read about it here.

from Craigslist Austin...

blue shorts, white Fearless t-shirt - w4m
You were crossing Soco holding a parasol over your little girl to protect her from the sun. You waved at me and I swerved I was so startled. You look exactly like a person in a dream I had. In the dream we were sewing gumbo on our shoes and dancing the Hustle. Weird huh? We should talk.

ACC spanish class and pornsite - m4w - 22 (ACC Northridge Spanish 2)
Hi A & C,
You guys have been in my Spanish class for the whole summer 2 and the entire time I was thinking that I have seen you guys before. While jacking off in preparation for the final I stumbled across a site which had homemade pics and one of the pics was with you 2 and another girl. I'm pretty sure it was you 2 because, well, you both look pretty distinctive. I thought about saying something during the final, but that would have been weird. Heck, its pretty weird now. Anyway, I'm not planning on seeing you guys again, so just FYI, there is a picture of you on pornsites.

The suffering of when it will all begin - m4w
"When someone can see the future. You take away their hope. You take away their future. They have no future."


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