Saturday, August 22, 2009

In Case You Missed It: Aug. 16th-21st

nites logoA lot of stuff happens in a week. I can't cover it all, but thankfully there's an entire army of people with Blogger and Wordpress accounts in Austin to fill in some gaps. Here's a brief rundown of entertainment news and Austin weirdness. This week's Craigslist Missed Connections involve H-E-B, Spanish poetry, and making babies!

The leaks have begun for Fun Fun Fun. Seven band names were leaked as official additions to this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest at Waterloo Park: Yeasayer, Kid Sister, DRI, Vega, Fucked Up, Alaska In Winter, and Harlem. The comedian Brian Posehn was also added. 'NITES will have more leaks for you on Monday. The entire lineup will be officially announced on Tuesday. The fest takes place on November 7th and 8th. Read more about the leaks at 'NITES and at Ultra8201.

In case you missed it (and how could you?), the official after-shows for Austin City Limits Music Festival were announced this week. The after-show lineup rivals the damn festival itself. It's good to see local garage-rockers Harlem getting an opening spot for !!! (Chk Chk Chk). Harlem is also playing Fun Fun. Congrats, Harlem. I'm also personally excited about seeing Los Amigos Invisibles play La Zona Rosa. If you're into cheesy Latin dance-rock, Los Amigos is the band for you. See the complete list of after-shows on Do512's blog.

Austin Town Hall, a locally based music blog, is getting a makeover. The current homepage features a splash screen that says a redesigned website will launch on Monday. Town Hall recently published its list of top-five music venues in Austin. I followed suit. Read Town Hall's list here, and mine here. For me, the sound system is only part of the equation. I also need good local bands, good beer, and a welcoming atmosphere. That's why my list is likely to differ with most.

It seems like every couple of months another band is getting robbed of its gear. This time, it's Austin electronica artists VEGA. It's a bittersweet week for VEGA, who we found out this week is playing Fun Fun Fun Fest in November. The group had all of its vintage instruments stolen from a Marriott Inn in Sacramento, CA. Read more about the theft at Party Ends.

from Craigslist Austin...

HEB on Oltorf. No wine for you... - m4w - 22 (South Central Austin)
you were buying cat food, chocolate milk, and a bottle of wine. it was 12:30 so they nice lady couldn't sale it to you. you said you would just drown your sorrows in chocolate milk. she suggested you hit the bars and you said you weren't going. i should have talked more. my friend was with me and said chocolate milk was almost as comforting and made you smile. i should have made you smile too. i have long hair. it was tied back. i whispered, "have a good night" as you walked away, but you didn't hear me. i didn't expect you to, but i would have liked it. the young clerk said i should have spoken up and talked to you, but i couldn't. you were too pretty... with your blonde hair and all. enjoy your night. if you read this and want to hang out.... just let me know. :)

You Ain't Skeerd of Nuffin' - w4m
2 knows of 1, as well as assumes you have your eye on 3 and possibly 4. Just look out for 7 (because we all know 789)

2 also finds it offensive that you would fuck her when you have so many reservations about her obvious beauty. Love her or leave her, she deserves no less.

always on my mind... - m4w - 49 (NW Austin)
so I know you are not for me, I know, that I'm far too old with too much baggage... I know you are way too talented, and so young and pretty,...

but that still doesn't stop me from loving you... from thinking of you, from dreaming of you...

from wanting to make children with you...

yes I know I have too many kids, and not enough money...

a true friend is one that helps you move anytime you ask, even if he keeps your lamps and mirrors by accident..


¿Dónde estás? - m4w (austin)
Es usted
Que echa de menos los colores
Este claro
La caca de los palomas
Los ladrillos sueltos
Los mendigos que pasan
Es usted que pierde todo esto.
¡Aye Mamacita!
¿Dónde estás?
¿Dónde estás?
No quiero esta guerra.
Quiero la paz.
Quiero la paz.
Te robaste todo mi dinero.
Tuve que vender mi perro.
¡Aye Mamacita!
¿Dónde estás?
¿Dónde estás?

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