Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Warped Tour Interview: Senses Fail

'NITES blogger Ajay Miranda covered the San Antonio stop of this year's Warped Tour for the website Double Stereo. Below are some thoughts on the interview, as well as a link to the published Q&A.

Ajay and BuddyMy interview with Buddy Nielsen, lead singer of Senses Fail, was dangerously close to becoming an epic fail, to use Interweb slang. I was in between interviews, waiting for Buddy to finish up with a cute indie chick who was asking soul-penetrating questions for about an hour. His tone was contentious in that interview, which didn't bode well. I'd just seen the guy jumping off the stage, into the photo pit, and going nuts throughout his band's set just hours earlier. I figured fatigue could be an issue for him when it came time to talk to me. And it was. Buddy wasn't much of one. He gave short answers, talked about how tired he was. His sense of conversation was failing. But it's understandable, given how hard the dude has to work; he also tour-manages for his band on Warped. That's an exhausting job itself, let alone having to perform in 100-degree heat. The interview was a bit short, but still interesting. Read the interview at Double Stereo.

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