Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Warped Tour Interview: Alexisonfire

'NITES blogger Ajay Miranda covered the San Antonio stop of this year's Warped Tour for the website Double Stereo. Below are some thoughts on the interview, as well as a link to the published Q&A.

AlexisonfireOh, me so clever! The singer/guitarist and award-winning songwriter for Canadian rockers Alexisonfire (pronounced Alexis-on-fire) is named Dallas. And the interview took place in San Antonio. So I went with a sort-of Texas cities pun title for this interview on Double Stereo. Dallas Green seems like an interesting cat, and he definitely has a dry sense of humor. But he also seems like he hates doing interviews (or at least is completely apathetic about them). He always seemed to be on the verge of saying something great and profound, but then would run out of steam and mumble instead. The interview turned out interesting enough, as he gave some good details about the meaning of their new album's lead single, "Young Cardinals" ("Long after we’ve fucked everything up for ourselves, animals will be here because they know how to survive"). But I get the vibe he would be a lot more laidback and cooler to talk with in a bar over some beers, not backstage at Warped Tour. Read the interview at Double Stereo.

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