Monday, July 20, 2009

Vote! Vote! Vote! Today! Today! Today!

Chronicle best ofToday is the last day to vote in the Austin Chronicle's annual Best Of poll. Don't forget to submit your online ballot if you haven't yet done so. I gotta admit, that list is a bit daunting, with tons of categories for which I feel like I've only begun to scratch the surface. Oh, well. I'll vote to the best of my knowledge, and you should too. I wouldn't mind it if you voted for a certain blog called 'NITES and a blogger called Ajay Miranda. *hint* *hint*

Why should you vote for this here blog? Well, I did break the news of the Spiros shooting the night it happened before ANY other local media had it, including the Statesman or TV news (thanks to the candid tweeting of my friends The Boxing Lesson). I've also filmed tons of exclusive high-quality videos of local bands. In many cases, these are the only high-quality videos that exist of these bands. Plus, my ass almost got a cease-and-desist letter from a burlesque company for daring to upload the videos that they gave me permission to shoot. I'm sweating for the good people of Austin everyday!

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Anonymous said...

Yo Ajay, I already voted for myself in those categories. What I did do for your though was write you in as the Wild Card. Sorry man, it was the least I could. I still like your stuff. (mm)

Ajay M said...

It's all good. Every blogger should vote for their own blog. Thanks for the Wild Card vote! Glad you dig Western Ghost House too. They're a good group of guys.