Friday, July 24, 2009

VIDEO: Built By Snow Covers DEVO

Built By Snow photo by Alison NarroPhoto by Alison Narro

Built By Snow's music is influenced by two things, if nothing else: '80s New Wave and being too shy and nerdy to approach girls. So naturally, one of the popular staples from the quartet's live show is a cover of DEVO's "Girl U Want", a song whose lyrics describe a girl who is extremely cool and unattainable. These guys do geek rock, and they do it well. Bleeps, bloops, and other catchy synth sounds abound. They have a ton of energy on stage and are approachable and friendly off stage. They even self-released one of Austin's best albums of the year back in January (MEGA). See these guys while they're still playing small clubs. They've got the potential and all the ingredients to be playing bigger and more expensive shows in a couple years. Here's a live video of Built By Snow playing their DEVO cover at Antone's last March. And don't forget to catch Built By Snow tonight at Beauty Bar at 10, followed by Smiths-influenced post-punk from MoTel Aviv at 11.

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