Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tonight: a Double Order of Condiment Sandwich

Condiment Sandwich
When you work as hard as these guys do, you'd hope to scrounge together enough cash to eat more than just sandwiches made from random condiments loitering in the fridge. Maybe they're just too damn busy to buy groceries anymore. A typical e-mail newsletter from local jazz trio Condiment Sandwich might read like this:

We're playing at happy hour at the Hole at 6:30... Then we're hustling down to Ruta Maya to play what should turn out to be a very interesting bill that starts at 9:30. P.S. If anybody's in Houston tomorrow, we're playing the NORML party at the Last Concert Café around 7:30.

They call their style of music "breakbeat jazz" -- a style that adds a hint of hip-hop sensibility to organ-driven jazz. It's soft enough to soothe, yet funky enough to groove. Condiment Sandwich's take on the genre is pleasing to the ear, and it's accessible even for someone like me who doesn't count the Elephant Room as a regular hangout. Even still, I've heard from people who do know their jazz and fusion who are impressed by this trio.

Condiment Sandwich plays twice tonight in Austin: First, a 6:30 happy-hour set at Hole In The Wall on the UT Drag. Then, a midnight headlining set at Flamingo Cantina with reggae-rock from Rook and off-kilter indie rock from Frantic Clam. Then they pack their bags and play Bryan, TX and Lake Charles, LA this weekend. Check 'em out on MySpace.

Here's a song from Condiment Sandwich called "Mindless Entertainment":

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Anonymous said...

I really like the Condiment Sandwich's jazzy, mellow, organ-driven sound. The beginning reminded me of Booker T and the MG's. I would like to acquire their music for my music library. Where may one purchase their fine sound? I will have to make them a Myspace friend and catch thier show. Thanks. (mm)