Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tonight: Deli Austin Local Showcase @ Emo's

Deli showcase
If you're not reading The Deli Austin, you're missing out on a good (and truly local) piece of the Austin blogosphere. They do Q&A interviews and conduct an Austin artist-of-the-month poll. Basically, they do good stuff to promote local bands in a no frills, no BS manner.

Tonight, the Deli is sponsoring a showcase of local bands at Emo's outdoor stage. And the best part: IT'S FREE.

The bands: Golden Bear [link], Low Line Caller [link], The Always Already [link], New Roman Times [link], and Wine & Revolution [link].

Basically it's an uber-hip indie fest, but if that's your thing, this is the show to be at. Here's a video of The Always Already that I shot last year at Beauty Bar:

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john said...

dig the Always Already video!

'NITES said...